Hi there! My name is Kris and I am delighted to see you visiting my portfolio website
- enjoy!

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On this website you could win a dinner at home cooked by a star chef, the visitors could choose between 5 chefs

By using an unique code (that people could find on the bru bottles) the more codes they saved the bigger the chance to win.

SAPPI | The Treehouse

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Site creation to promote THE TREEHOUSE it is a small architectural wonder equipped with state-of-the-art eco facilities located in the forests of Hechtel-Eksel

The site is build in fuel php and gives the vistors the ability to book the treehouse for meetings


HP | Spectre

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Creation of an AIR application that was used on blogger events where the new Hp Spectre was presented.

The Bloggers could find their name in the pre-defined list, and then could have a date with the HP Spectre, by voice input they could leave a message what they would do with the HP Spectre.


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I am an experienced Web Designer/front-end developer

I have worked in this profession for years and my passion about web design is constantly evolving. Everyday I discover new aspects and opportunities of the creation from a scratch.
I pay a lot of attention to details, as I believe that preoccupation with aesthetics results in a unique prospect of pure creativity.

Currently, I hold the position of webdesigner/front-end developer @Proximity BBDO belgium for over 5 years,
during which I have been constantly developing and expanding my professional skills.

Recently I really got into HTML 5 and CSS 3.
I have been doing flash, Actionscript 2 and 3 for 5 years.
My collegues say I'm a bit obsessive about making
pixel-perfect designs, that always fit a cool creative idea.
I guess they're right.

I studied Multimedia and communication technology @PIH kortrijk and graphic design @Artevelde hogeschool Gent.

One more thing you should know about me -
I do love photography. Taking pictures allow me capturing beauty of the world, freezing the moments of happiness and sadness - it is an ultimate way to leave a trace in the changing world. Please take a look at my photography website.

Special thanks to Magdalena Szwajkowska for the copywriting.

I'm familiar with these technologies:

  • Flash Actionscript 2-3
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Wordpress
  • PHP - Limonada Framework
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects


If you have any questions or simply want to share your passions with me,

I am always happy to meet new people and learn about their interests. Whether you a have a specif question about my work or you just want to talk about design and photograhy - simply email - will answer as soon as possible.

You can also contact me through any of the following places:

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